Bronze Crypt Wendtii

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Finally- I have found them... Yes- BRONZE Crypts! I have been trying to get my hands on a truly Bronze Crypt for awhile now. These bronze crypts are smaller but packed with new growth. (Typically I order something called "Bronze" and the stems are bronze- with green leaves-NOT THESE) These Bronze Crypt Wendtii are the real deal. They are the real brown/bronze you are looking for. What is great about these plants is that unlike a lot of other more colorful plants that aren't green, these bronze crypts are super easy to keep.

The darker colors are awesome and make wonderful contrast in your aquarium. I have found that using a green foreground with these bronze crypts give the tank both a nice contrast AND gives the look more depth to a tank. Like most Crypts- there is a chance these Bronze Crypt Wendtii could melt back on you. Not to worry- they will bounce back stronger than ever- with leaves made for YOUR tanks conditions.

(Note: these haven't melted for me, but it could happen). 

If it were my tank, I would take one portion and break it up into like three smaller plants and spread them out a few inches apart. The plant will like this as it will give it more space to spread out and ultimately give you a fuller look.... Or if you are lazy- just slap it down as one big plant. Either way- with these Bronze Crypts- you win!

Try to add some more color to your Mid-Ground. Try a Red Crypt Wendtii

Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)
Difficulty: I give the Bronze crypt a 1.5. It needs to be given a little space to take off. Other than that these are as easy as any beginner plant

Lighting: Prefers Moderate light but can handle a low light tank

(As of 11-24  these DO NOT COME IN POTS- We have had them planted in our tanks. You will be getting a bare root plant with 4-5 leaves)

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