Standard Cichlid Combo (NEW Hardy Plant Combo on Sale!)

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  • Save $45.05

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So you want to keep plants with your Cichlids?

"They said it couldn't be done."

They were wrong.   Yes- You "Mr. or Mrs. Plant Eating Cichlid Keeper"  You CAN keep Cichlids with Plants...You just have to know what to do and what NOT to do.

But who want to waste their Money, Time and Energy trying to figure that all out only to end up with some over priced "Salad" for your fish?

Why not just have someone send you what you need? Someone who has been importing plant directly from Africa for almost a decade..... We've got you covered.

STOP- This is our recommendation but you will have to put them in the aquarium and secure them down with the materials we provide.  ALSO- We have tested these species on our own fish including an 8 inch Oscar... BUT if you have some Cichlid the size of an NFL FOOTBALL- YES- he might be able to pull or move the plants around...but we will send you stuff he (or she) won't want to swallow and can fight another day!

Here is what you get.

8 X Anubias Afzelli. (a $56 Value)

8 X Anubias Lancelota (a $64 Value)

1 X Bolbitus Heudelotii a $15 Value) 

1x Bacopa Yellow Flame (a $10 Value)

and several pieces of wire to tie it all down!

If you were to add this all up it would be over $145. Get everything for only $99

Add it to your Cichlid tank NOW.

NOTE: You will need to tied down everything in this package to a rock or driftwood.  (Rock and driftwood sold separately.)

Don't over think it, pretend a toddler is going to try to pull the plants off of the rocks or driftwood and wire it down over and over until you can pull on these plants and they hardly move.  (And no the wire won't hurt your fish as long as it is wrapped)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ramon Berrios
Cichlid combo

All the plants came intact and service was prompt. Will definitely be ordering more

Stoked customer, AGAIN

As usual I was super excited to see the Dustin's logo on a box on my porch. I opened it before work and was extremely impressed again by the quantity and size of these anubias types! They're HUGE. Even with missing on of the types for this package I am so happy with what I got. Very excited to rescape my 75gal for my wolf fish and cichlids this weekend and remove the last of the fake plants I had in there. The fish love it with them floating around so I will be ordering again for some top water plants. Thanks again, you guys ROCK!

Lance Miller
Great Stuff!

Ordered on a Tuesday and received them on Thursday. Unfortunately, during this time I had a diatom outbreak so I had a change of plans. I set up a 29 to house them until I am ready for their final destination. I didn't open the bags until 5 days after ordering them. Plants still look great and are plenty of them. The best I've ever ordered online. I also ordered D's standard package and am looking forward to place it throughout my tanks. Keep Tankin' Go Browns!

shane jackson
Plants Look Great

I just received my order. All the plants were very healthy and well packed. I'll definitely be ordering more from Dustin's.