Ludwigia Mini (Foreground Ludwigia!)

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We have always done well with Ludwigias.... This is a new one for us. This is a fun one for us.

Ludwigia Mini is in the greenhouse. 

Look- There are often times plants that come out as "XYZ Mini" only to grow up tall in your face like a regular plant.   We have had this plant UNDERWATER FOR 3 Weeks in ideal greenhouse conditions during the high sunlight month of September here in KY.

This plant has stayed short for us. 

From the bottom of the base of it is only 6 inches tall.  I can't promise it will stay that short for you but our experience has proven it to stay short.

Like all Ludwigia- this plant won't mind a super hard cut, I think it could be cut way down continually and stay small for.  

This plant has done well for us in high light but I think it could handle less light. If you have a medium light tank and are keeping red plants today I would give this a shot!

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful plant

Beautiful plants. Came as described. Looking forward to a month or so once they fill in

Ken G.
Ludwigia mini & friends(in quarantine tank)

I got this plant once before when I first saw it in stock & it did good for a couple weeks then slowly melted away, but I'm trying this one again in a couple other tanks that have been set up for a few years (after they sit in the quarintine tank) I've since added Dustin's Double Standard LEDs with Growth Juice, Iron & Liquid Co2 Boost also from Dustin's & the plants seem to do well. My order shipped nicely & all the plants have nice stems & beautiful colors. I'll keep the review board posted about this little beauty's progress in a few weeks. Thanks again y'all

Scott Taylor
New growth pop

Just planted a week ago and check out the new green!

Bob Figura
Just the beginning!

So I actually bought many different packages including the beginner one as I’m just starting off. Everything came super fast and looked healthy! It’s been about a week and the plants are hanging in there really well. I will definitely be buying from here again! Thanks guys! Check out the before and after pics :)

In good condition but hardly any roots

Good condition but hardly any roots on the stems and the leaves and plant are more dainty than was shown in video. First order I was a bit disappointed in. But I will be back to buy more of others