Just Add Water Combos: Rimless Tank, LED Light, Dustin's Dirt Pack Combo

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It's time to make is EASY.

Why not get everything you need so all you need to add is water? Welcome to our "Just add water combos"

Rimless Tanks are next level in the aquarium. Everything looks better with your uninterrupted eye through low iron glass.   Speaking of next level- So are our LED lights. 

We've got the Lights.

We've got the Rimless Tank.

Now it's time to FEED Everything where they Eat- What they Eat. Our own made in house Premium Substrate, "Dustin's Dirt Packs"

Yep- All you need to add is water (And your choice of gravel over the dirt) (gravel not provided)

Look- the further away from alight source you go- the less light you have. (Think about a street light- if you were right under it, it would be WAY more bright than on the ground) Same in your aquarium.... only the light also has to go through water.

BUT not in these combos!   If you put our highly acclaimed  Standard double LED lights on top of shallow rimless tank- combined with unlimited food at the roots of the plants- You can grow nearly anything!   

(Seriously- think about it. The 36 inch rimless is only 8.7 inches tall. After you add 1 inch of dirt and gravel the light only has to penetrate 8 inches or less! (They are made to go up to 24 inches or 3x more!)

We grow everything in dirt around here and you can CLICK HERE to hear the benefits of a soil substrate from an 80 year old retired biology professor).

With these combos- you get a great looking aquarium. You get your plants the spectral composition ("The right light") and a nearly never ending "Smorgasboard" of nutrients at their roots. "Feeding them where they eat- what they eat"

Currently we have 2 sizes of this combo available at this introductory/ CYBER MONDAY Price. These will sell out.

If you want a great "Just add water combo" out of the gate- or want an insanely killer Christmas present for a your kid just getting into the hobby THIS IS IT.

If you were to purchase the 24inch Rimless tank, the 24 inch LED and the small dirt pack it would cost you almost $300

GET the 24 inch "Just add water combo" for $249.95

If you were to purchase the 36 inch Rimless tank, the 36 inch led and the Large Dirt Pack it would cost you over $400

GET the 36 inch "Just add water combo" for $379.95


NOTE: Due to a high volume of orders over the holidays, plants are going to take priority on shipping. This may result in your tank being delayed a couple days. Please, work with us and we will work with you. TANK ON!


It's time to get everything in 1 COMBO! Get our Standard Double LED, R
- Ultra-clear automotive grade glass
- High tensile strength German silicone glued seams
- Non-tempered glass
- 60 Day No BS LED Guarantee
- Leveling mat included
- One-year manufacturer's limited warranty


And YES- For a limited time we are offering FREE SHIPPING to the Eastern Half of the United States. Draw a line down the Western boarder of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. So if you are IN one of the listed states YES- we will ship to you. 

That is as far as we are willing to ship at this time.

If you are WEST of ANY OF THESE STATES (MN, IO, MO, AR, LA)  We will not ship your aquarium. If we get an order in a state we don't ship to we will refund you what you paid for your tank and ship the rest of your order.

Rimless Tank UNBOXING - Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "More than satisfied! Video speaks for itself. It does come with a Matt and I was really worried it’ll come broken but I kept bothering emailing DustinsFishtanks haha but I’m confident now and the way it’s packaged.more tanks to come." -Benito G. wrote a review about Rimless Bookshelf (Long) Aquariums

"Tank came in in great condition. Just finished setting up. It looks awesome. Light is super bright. Can't wait for tank to Cycle so I can populate it." -Harold G.

Customer Reviews

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Harold Green
Dirted combo

I gotta give an update and a plug for dirted tanks. It has only been 2 weeks since I set up the tank. I noticed new roots growing up against the glass below the substrate from a trimming of Alternanthera reinekii and new shoots coming up from dwarf sag.

Harold Green
Dirted combo

Tank came in in great condition. Just finished setting up. It looks awesome. Light is super bright. Can't wait for tank to Cycle so I can populate it.