Anubias Afzelii Aquarium Plants on Driftwood (made in house!)

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Aquarium Plants on Driftwood.

It is a great pleasure to release these plants on driftwood as it is something we have been wanting to do in our expanded greenhouse.

There is something special about the look of a plant in its more natural state, attached to a piece of driftwood. 

These can go in ANY AQUARIUM.  If you are a total rookie or a straight up pro, it doesn't matter.  Drop them in let the roll!

We are fortunate to be able to have large amounts of plants around and multiple species to work with.

You will find Anubias Afzelii has been one of the best plants we have found for this. 

You will get ONE of the pieces shown. 

AS OF 6.1.21 These have 5 Plants on them!

We can't promise which exact piece- but the are all look like those shown in the multi-shot photos.

Grab some of these now marked down to only $34.95 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brandy Thomas
Absolutely perfect

Just what my tank needed! I’m so pleased with how it was packaged and time it was delivered! Thanks so much for making such amazing products!

Leon Gutnik
Disappointed with the driftwood

Although my order was 90% successful and beautiful, the driftwood was disappointing. Other than one attached Anubias the rest of the wood was bare. On top of that the mushy newspaper wasn’t any fun either. Otherwise your inventory is breathtaking and healthy. Love the channel and the dope content reflecting your appreciation for our hobby!!

Giam Truong
Beautiful plants on the drift wood.

it's beautiful and green in wrapping. I love it will buy more in the future

Antoinette Singleton

Anubias arrived in good condition, especially since this winter weather is unpredictable. Thanks

Brenna Clough
Mildly disappointed

This is the first time I've had any issues from you guys. Normally have no complaints, but the plant was detached from the wood and in poor shape, leaves falling off the stems, etc. So now all I have is a piece of driftwood 🙁