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Rotala indica

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As of 4-12, we have a new supplier for Rotala Indica, and it certainly won't disappoint you. The tips are bright red and will stay a good color if they are provided enough light and clean water. These portions or Rotala Indica come in a bunch that is wrapped in foam with a rubber band around it. They are growing nicely in our greenhouse which provides them a good deal of natural sunlight and better coloration as such. I have found that Rotala can really get a nice redish- pink color when you add a large amount of iron to it, or have a good substrate in your planted tank. There are a number of varieties of this plant, but what we are selling is just the easiest and hardiest form of Rotala. This plant doesn't tank long to get going and once it does you will have trouble keeping it out of your other plants as it shoots off runners.

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