Fluval FX4 (The Ultimate Canister Filter)

Fluval FX4 (The Ultimate Canister Filter)

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Fluval FX 4 Canister Filter. (The Ultimate Canister Filter)

Look- Some things are just better. This is the best filter on the market for a 55- 90 gallon aquarium. - I've used probably 6 of them.  Including in the greenhouse. Here is why.

The FLUVAL FX4 was made to take the abuse of the American Aquarium hobbyist.   Does it have slim and skinny chrome  or glass return pipes? NOPE.

It has beef black plastic. And guess what- it needs the beefy black plastic for the amount of water it is bringing in and pumping out.

How good of a filter is the Fluval FX4?  This is how good it is. The first 700 gallon blue tubs I brought in to greenhouse 2.0 were filtered with an FX4. 

Look- is the FX4 made for a 700 gallon industrial tub with 2000 imported Africa plants. NOPE;  But it kept the water moving and did pull an insane amount of rotting above water grown waste out of the tubs.

Back to reality and YOUR aquarium.  The FX4 will change the way you think of aquarium filtration.   (I use two on my own 220 gallon, One on a friends 75, One on the "No Maintenance Tank" and on my hair cutter "D's" aquarium"

Yep - its a monster.

But how?   

The FX4 has a massive- adjustible intake that brings in a great deal of water flow but has a screen big enough so it's "Point source" of pulling isn't going suck in your fish. 

The pumps on the FX4 are Italian Engineered.  They put out a GUSH of water out of two circular/ adjustable outputs that you can angle this flow all over the aquarium. (I recommend both aiming to the surface to give you a nice rippling affect and good gas exachange.)     The hardest part of installing an FX4 is the clips that secure the input and output tubes to the tank. (they clip down with rubber gromets) then their are 3 clips that hold the hoses in place.

USE ALL OF THE CLIPS-  the pump puts out around 250 gallons per hour. (This varies with the height and cleanliness of the filter)  

This FX4 uses "SPT" or Smart Pump technology.  You are going to plug it in.... then a few minutes later you are going to hear it turn off.  YES- It turns it's self OFF and purges any bubbles in the system that could affect the proformance of the unit.  It does this DAILY. 

The Filter comes with super easy to use instructions and you can customize or modify the simply baskets to whatever type of media YOU want to use.

Look- People can bash the use of canister filters and get more YouTube views with a "Click bait" thumbnail-  Or you can just get one and barely worry about cleaning but ONCE a year like i do and get on with having a great aquarium and not worry about filtering it for the next 10 years.

Buy one.

They are FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE In the USA- and That is me trying to compete with the "Big online" companies and Amazon- I'm eating the huge cost of shipping these to YOU.



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I have three of these beasts they’re awesome

I have three of these beasts they’re amazing one on a 75 gallon one and a 55 gallon at one and a 20 gallon you could use this stuff anywhere and they are awesome