Dwarf Hair Grass (the ULTIMATE Carpet Plant)

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Dwarf Hair Grass... The foreground plant you have been waiting for.

Yes folks.  This plant is the short growing, "I want a carpet" aquarium plant you have been waiting for.

Or have you?  Let me be 1000% honest.  This plant IS NOT a beginner plant.  If you want an easy growing carpeting plant.... then check out Dwarf Sag or Chain Swords first (in that order of easy).  This plant should be the carpeting plant you have tried AFTER the above foreground plants have been mastered.

This plant generally grows in extremely shallow water, on the edge of a lake or river bank... in mud.  What does that mean? It means Dwarf Hair Grass likes A LOT OF LIGHT and good substrate.

This plant is a heavy root feeder in my experience. Additionally, because of its small size, it is a bit harder to keep in the substrate. (some people pin it down initially with bobby pins or little clips...don't piss the wife off using her stuff :)

I am not suggesting that people haven't grown this plant in lower light conditions...plants adapt. However, I would recommend starting it out with high amounts of light.  If you don't have a ton of light, run the water levels lower so you can get more light penetrating through down to this dwarf hair grass.

(Full disclosure- I am currently growing the heck out of this plant in Fluval Stratum Substrate...under a 400 watt metal halid in a half full 40 breeder....did I mention it likes more light :)

NOW- If you are keeping plants successfully, and want to give it ago...Dwarf Hair Grass does give the coolest look of any foreground plant I sell.

NOTE: What we are selling is a plug the diameter of a quarter.  Unlike our competitors, this plant has been grown UNDER WATER.  The above water grown stuff will give you nothing but heart ache. (See warning above)

Care Scale of 1-10:

7.5 - Likes great substrate like a Flourite or Stratum....or dirt with fine gravel over it.


My experience is that this plant is a high light plant. You might be able to grow it in less light, but I wish you the best.  (Shallower tanks preferred)

Where to Plant:


NOTE: THIS PLANT LIKES A GOOD SUBSTRATE! (Dirt is king with this plant)

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