Flame Moss (Taxiphyllum Flame)

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As of 2.15.21 You will be receiving a slightly darker moss which we have been growing UNDER WATER for over a week. 

It will have light green bursts in it and will continue to grow this way under decent light. THE PHOTO WITH THE HAND OPEN IS WHAT WE ARE SELLING.

Beautiful intensively green moss with an upright growth habit, which does not spread much horizontally. Flame Moss has small root-like rhizoids and takes hold on the surface it grows on after some time. Shrimp love it, and it is a great playground for young shrimp where they can stay, and moreover, it provides them with cover from overly nosey, hungry tankmates.

A lot of nice food particles get caught in the moss, juvies and adults just love playing and feeding there. In our opinion, no shrimp tank should be without moss. Flame Moss is quite undemanding, grows very well and does well under low light.

 Our Moss is grown under water.

You will get a portion around the size of a golf ball.


Customer Reviews

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Eddie B
Healthy Plants

I received a good a amount of healthy moss… exactly what I was expecting.

Emily Gordy
More than expected.

The description says a golf ball size but I feel like I got more. The moss came beautiful, wet, and on time. My tadpole loves it as well.

Andy Roldan
Incomplete Order

Loved the plants except for my 2 missing ones. Didn't receive my duckweed or my Java moss. Disappointed but the other plants were green and healthy

McKenzie Scott
Could be better.

I unfortunately ordered this moss along with a triple pack and nothing came labeled. If you asked me which one was the flame moss I couldn't reliably tell you. I'm very new to plants so if you can tell them apart then please ignore me. If the one I suspect is the flame moss, then it's actually very healthy and pretty and I wish I could use it but I also believe it was the one that had 3 snails on it. I have them all in different containers and I'm on snail look out until I feel confident enough to tell them apart and give them a bleach dip.

Good availability

The flame moss came well packaged even though shipping timing had the package sitting over Sunday during a snowstorm in my area. Looks good so far.