Hygrophila Corymbosa "Cherry leaf"

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Hygrophila Corymbosa  "Cherry Leaf" is much like it's brother the Hygrophila Corymbosa "compact" which is extremely easy to keep.

This won't stay compact though. The submerged growth on this plant is absolutely beautiful. Nice dark red tones cast over green makes the red explode with vibrancy in the water. This guy will get tall. We would give this plant a 2 on 1 to 10 difficulty scale. Easy and beautiful!

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Try Hygrophila Compact as a substitute.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Liz PuglieseLiz
Cooked spinach

My entire plant order arrived and it all looked like cooked spinach. Have from Dustin’s before and have been happy. Not this time. 😣

Calista Deal
Great plants

They came in healthy condition despite night temps getting quite chilly. Melting a little bit that’s to be expected

Joe Cotner
love this plant!

I love this plant, its full and lush and growing well in my tank, it is a fast growing plant so if algae is an issue it won't be with this one. This is actually my second plant of these plants and they are doing great!

Bev Casto
Beautiful Plant

I am new to planted tanks , These are beautiful plant , Dustin & team sent what I ordered and plus a extra one . I have enough to spread to cover the whole rank background I love the plants I got from Dustin & Cory ..I did have a couple 🐌 on the new plants, so i quarantine them 3 weeks .. i have snails put trying to control them ..I just put them in the tank 2 days ago Almost all the older leaves died off so i just went ahead and removed all the older leaves ( I have new growth on each plant already) . I might have to move them around a bit to work better with my Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' trying to mix the two since i have more Cherry leaf along with Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus & Ludwigia Repens I want a bushy jungle tank if i can …Mine did not have any red leaves in it .. Hopefully the light, soil, fertilizer and iron will bring out the red color when it matures

Paula Sullivan
Where are the “cherries?”

My plant arrived in good shape except for the color. I guess I was expecting it to have a red color; but it was all green; but a pretty green. You kindly sent 2 of them and they both are planted and doing well! My pleco fish now has a new shade tree under which to hide! Thanks for a nice plant ; I do miss having a little color,though!