Tri Color Lotus Nymphaea micrantha (Tri colour )

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Tri Color Lotus Nymphaea micrantha (Tri color ) I am always happy to be offering more Lotus to you all. I have been importing the Red Tiger Lotus from Africa for awhile now....but this is a new one. These are grown out Lotus which will have a Tri- color leaf on them.

While all lotus don't handle shipping that well, they quickly bounce back once settled in an aquarium These Tri-color lotus were grown with the leaves hitting the surface of the water. When you put them in your tank, you are going to want to cut that "Surface grown leaf" ONCE YOU SEE NEW GROWTH. (Not Until :) Tri- Color Lotus, like most lotus, they are heavy root feeders and will thrive in a dirted tank or a the minimum, substrate with good root tabs. I didn't get many of these in the import and only have a few in stock. Grab one while they last.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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These lotus are gorgeous and don’t even look like they were shipped! As usual dusty and crew are killin it!

Awesome Lily

Came in looking just like the pictures. Can’t wait for this plant to get established in my tank

Top-notch Tiger Lotus

After 30+ years keeping aquariums I finally decided to try my hand at some aquarium plants. After a lot of thought and watching countless videos on YouTube, I decided to give my initial business to Dustin at Dustin's Fish Tanks. I could not be happier. My order was for two green tiger lotus, two red tiger lotus, and two tri-color lotus. All of the plants came in as I figured they would, and he even threw in a few extras. Really great customer service, communication, and quick shipping. I'm already looking forward to my next order. A++ experience.

Thanks Dustin...

My Favorite Bulb Plant by far, I Love Tri-colors

Pretty Lotus, lots of bulbs!

I thought I was getting one bulb, but I got two whole sets of 5 bulbs each. They have been buried in my substrate and I'm looking forward to some new growth!