Echinodorus Parvifolius "Tropica" (Perfect Foreground and Midground Sword)

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This is a relatively easy Amazon Sword Plant to keep that will start to sheen red tinted leaves once it gets fully converted in your tank. These Aquarium Plants are grown above water but will come back quick!

The excellent Foreground plant! This is a really slow growing plant but it doesn't require a lot of attention. This plant prefers a moderate lighting set-up. Parviflorus doesn't really have any nutrient deficient problems but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dose your tank. 

This plant requires a temperature medium in your tank from about 72 to 80 degrees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jonathon McGregor
Amazed as well.

I am amazed, the plants look super healthy and look as if they will thrive when I get them seated in the sand/soil I have in my 55 gallon community tank. Again, Dustin has won me over with the excellent looking plants. Thank you

Robert Vaiza
Awesome plants

1st time purchase fron Dustin and his crew and I am very happy with the entire experience.

Becky Linman

As usual came packaged well. 3 sweet plants. Just need to reconfigure my NEW tank!!!

Chris D.
Healthy, strong plants!

This was my first order with Dustin’s, and I was very happy with the plants I received! They arrived well packaged, with strong, healthy roots, and beautiful, well established leaves. Thank you!

Jessica G
Perfect Foreground

I put these in my black water setup and they look great! A little beat up from the trip (that’s fair-mail carriers have a lot on their plates) but beautiful nonetheless!