Dwarf Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus)

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I don't like to sell a plant until I have kept it and played with it for awhile.   These Dwarf Chain Swords have been in my hands for awhile now.  I spent Christmas break out in the greenhouse having some zen time planting these plants for the first time. (That was three months ago) (You can check out pics of the results from these plants.) 

So who doesn't like a strong, low growing FOREGROUND PLANT?   These Dwarf Chain Swords are actually- YES-  a type of Amazon Sword. (The shortest variety)

When you hear the words "Amazon Sword" I hope you instantly think heavy root feeder.  These dwarf chain swords are no exception...  I recommend a good substrate that is not just plain gravel.  I have grown them in Fluval Stratum as well as some other store bought "Plant Substrates"

What I like about these FOREGROUND Aquarium Plants is the narrow leaves that they develop once they have started growing under water. 

(Please note: At this time what I am selling has been grown fully underwater for about 5 weeks- they are AWESOME)

Just like all plants and particularly Amazon Swords, there will be a slight melt back as the leaves change from above water growth to below.... but I can tell you - and show you in the pics...it is worth the weight.

We are selling "Plugs" of theses plants that are rolled with foam around a rock then secured with a rubber band. (This is done to keep the plant upright and growing roots, while we sink it to the bottom of the tank and convert it)

Each plug comes with 5-7 stems of Dwarf Chain Sword

Care Scale of 1-10:

3.0 (grows better in good substrate, either dirt or a "Plant substrate" Can hand a PH from 6.5 to 8.  It doesn't care about temps (can handle as low as 65 up to 80 degrees)


Grows OK in medium light, but creates a carpet faster in higher light. It will give you better, look under higher light where it grows thin, but dense carpet.

Where to Plant:


Other options?  If you are a total beginner, skip this plant and grab some DWARF SAG..

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