Standard Cichlid Combo (NEW Hardy Plant Combo on Sale!)

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100% money back guarantee

So you want to keep plants with your Cichlids?

"They said it couldn't be done."

They were wrong.   Yes- You "Mr. or Mrs. Plant Eating Cichlid Keeper"  You CAN keep Cichlids with Plants...You just have to know what to do and what NOT to do.

But who want to waste their Money, Time and Energy trying to figure that all out only to end up with some over priced "Salad" for your fish?

Why not just have someone send you what you need? Someone who has been importing plant directly from Africa for almost a decade..... We've got you covered.

STOP- This is our recommendation but you will have to put them in the aquarium and secure them down with the materials we provide.  ALSO- We have tested these species on our own fish including an 8 inch Oscar... BUT if you have some Cichlid the size of an NFL FOOTBALL- YES- he might be able to pull or move the plants around...but we will send you stuff he (or she) won't want to swallow and can fight another day!

Here is what you get.

8 X Anubias Afzelli. (a $56 Value)

8 X Anubias Lancelota (a $64 Value)  (AS OF 11.17.23 you will get NO Lancelot and MORE AFZELLI)

1 X Bolbitus Heudelotii a $15 Value) 

1x Bacopa Yellow Flame (a $10 Value)

and several pieces of wire to tie it all down!

If you were to add this all up it would be over $145. Get everything for only $99

Add it to your Cichlid tank NOW.

NOTE: You will need to tied down everything in this package to a rock or driftwood.  (Rock and driftwood sold separately.)

Don't over think it, pretend a toddler is going to try to pull the plants off of the rocks or driftwood and wire it down over and over until you can pull on these plants and they hardly move.  (And no the wire won't hurt your fish as long as it is wrapped)


We Guarantee your fish can't break (Bite in half) these plants or your money back. Here's the Guarantee. If you send us a video of your fish literally ripping these plants apart, we will send you a return label and give you your money back once we get them back.

- We will also then have video evidence to use on this combo later for other Cichlid lovers...

"Hey - if your fish look like this- don't buy this combo!"  

You have nothing to lose!

THIS IS INTRODUCTORY PRICING! The price is going up soon...


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James May
Cichlid plant collection

I started to buy 2 of these for my 75 gallon tank. Glad I didn’t because I got way more than pictured! This is maybe my 4th order and I have never been disappointed. Healthy plants, great pricing!

Michelle Rodriguez
Tons of plants!!

I didn’t read the description of how many plants there would be but damn! My 40 gallon looks awesome! All the plants looked healthy and I got them planted without issue.

Michael Pehrson

Great plants, got way more than expected. Tank looks like a jungle.

Joseph Kauker
Great Plants

90% of the plants in this picture are from this kit, seems like a much better value than what you would pay at petsmart. Everything was healthy and seemed like we recieved a higher plant count that advertised 👍🏽

Only discrepancy was that I didnt receive the wire to hold the kit down, no big deal.

Happy customer.

carrie D
Monster Plants

Enormous plants. I’m still in shock. What am I gonna do with all these plants?! Such a great problem to have. #noregrets. No snails, just monster plants.