Small Amazon Sword (Great Deal) (Echinodorus a.)

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YOU CAN'T BEAT this price for this Quality of plant- PERIOD

AS of 6.29. These have been FULLY GROWING UNDER WATER. They have Nice roots and slightly smaller but fully converted leaves.  The will be FAST growing in your aquarium with the right conditions.

We have kept Amazon Swords in lower light conditions where they have also done well. The biggest thing for good Amazon Sword growth is food. Amazon Swords love to "eat" We have seen them do OK with out a decent substrate but they would likely enjoy a dose of Iron to keep them lush. Ideally, you want to have Amazon Swords in a planted tank that has a large amount of nutrients available in the substrate. Amazon Swords are heavy eaters and will prefer this setup.

Small Amazon Swords are $8 and are anywhere from 2-5 inches. If you are ordering a few small ones we might thrown in ones that are slightly smaller than 2 inches but we will give you an extra plant. We grow them in house underwater. Comes As a green or red sword in varying species.

It could be a pointy sword, uruquaynis, a deep purple sword, red arrow, marble queen, and a couple other varieties we carry. Get them while their small. They won't stay small. Don't miss this insane low price while we move them out of our original greenhouse....into 2.0!

If you could add ONE thing to show MASSIVE Sword would be our RED Clay (Clay has an iron binding ability....and swords LOVE Iron!)

Don't Forget To Buy our Growth Juice and Iron Supplements for your plants!!



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