Crypt Wendtii Green (Classic forground aquarium plant)

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Crypt Wendtii Green or cryptocoryne wendtii green Pumped to have another Crypt Species available for you all. These are some great Crypts and will give you some nice lush color in your planted aquarium. We keep these crypts in a tank with sand as the substrate, along with our own blend of Aquatic Jungle's secret root fertilizers. Crypts love a nutient rich substrate and will thrive in a dirt aquarium. I do however know of many people who keep crypts just fine in plane old gravel. These are the same Crypts i had in my 220 Gallon tank. (They are the plant all the way to the right side in the front, over the black substrate.) A WORD OF CAUTION with these Crypts. CRYPTS MELT. This is a common occurrence with Crypts along with some other species.

Crypt Wendtii doesn't like to be moved around. The leaves on the Crypt Wendtii might fall off not long after you plant them. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL WITH CRYPTOCORYNE. It just happens. What you are going to want to look for is a tiny bit of new growth coming back up out of the center of the plants after a few days. These are the leaves you are looking for. They are the leaves that are more prepared for your tank. They are the leaves that are going to last longer. Crypts are considered a low light plant and like a little shade. These C. Wendtii will grow shorter and more compact under high light. Under less light they will grow a little longer and taller. I wouldn't add these plants to a tank that isn't already established with plants. I dirted or well fertilized tank would be ideal. If you want some lush green. Get some Crypt Wendtii Green. .

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Customer Reviews

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Crypts look great

And they shipped me a couple extra, which is always a welcome surprise. Service was excellent as well.


Great root system! And a nice addition to my planted tank!!

attractive and sturdy

Stem structure and root structure was sturdy. Leaves were plentiful and I received far more of these than I expected. Sill waiting to experience that crypt melt too!


Was all healthy was little more then expected but healthy love them. We’ll be doing more shopping with dustinsfishtanks

Awesome plants

I was so happy with the quality, shipping and service I received from Dustins Fishtanks! The quality was excellent and the packaging was perfect. I worried about them freezing but they even packed a warmer in with the plants. I would recommend and buy again from them!!