*THIS IS ONE STEM FOR $1* Tonina 'Belem' CRAZY Aquarium Plant (Low Ph Plant)

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ITS FIRE!! TRY IT!!!  (must have CO2 and insane lights ;)

Tonina 'Belem' Some plants I just want to keep for myself and play with. Which is exactly what I am going to do with all of this Tonina "Belem" I just got in. I would love to tell you a ton about these plant. I know this much, it looks sweet. I has almost a star-bursting look to it.


Currently I am keeping this plant in FULL SUN LIGHT in a shallow tank in the greenhouse. It is doing just fine there, however I can't promise it will thrive in your setup. You will need HIGH light, and good substrate. I would advise not trying this plant unless you have some experience successfully keeping plants that people consider hard to keep. THIS IS A ZERO LIABILITY PLANT- If you buy it and it dies, that is on you.

We are selling a healthy plant, however we can't be liable if it dies on you from neglect. Purchase at your own risk.

Check out our Plant Booster: Liquid Co2 to keep this guy rolling!

NOTE: This plant is sold PER STEM- NOT A BUNCH. You are getting ONE STEM for $4. That's it. I am only putting 30 stems in stock.

TODAY ONLY (2-28-19) A PLUG IS $5

If you know what you are doing.....grab some, I don't know when I will be getting more in.


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