Bacopa caroliniana ' Yellow flame'

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Bacopa caroliniana "Yellow Flame" Want a hard stem plant that will give you a nice contrast to your background, without all of the work of faster stem plants that need trimmed all of the time? Say hello to Bacopa! This Bacopa caroliniana is call the "Yellow flame" variety as it has been produced through selective crossing to accent the yellow tips. Bacopa isn't your fastest growing plant, but this is because it is thicker than most stem plants. It's leaves almost feel rubbery to the touch.

NOTE: We have now had this plant in stock for over a month. You can see how the tips will give you that Redish- Yellow FLAME look under some decent lights.

THIS IS A GREAT BEGINNER PLANT. It will take some time to get established but will make a nice addition to ANY Planted Tank. You are getting a bunch with 7-8 stems in it.

Looking for an Easier to keep Bacopa? Try Bacopa Monnieri

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Care Scale of 1-10: ( 1- it can grow in your toilet- 10 being nearly impossible)

Bacopa Yellow FLAME is a 2. (It takes a second to reestablish because of it's thicker stem)


Can handle super LOW LIGHT, but won't give you the "Yellow Flame" Tips with higher light.  (It will stay more pale green in lower light)

Where to Plant:

Bacopa is a Background Plant


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Came in kind of ok, even though I had a heat pack it was still affected pretty severely by the cold, but it's doing fine now sadly the my 3 bunches of S. Repens didn't make it

Amazed at this plant!

I am trying to fill my 40 gal breeder with a ridiculous amount of plants for some reason and this Yellow Flame looked cool. So I ordered it and popped it the tank, less than a week it is already growing , in low light , under a canopy of duck weed and water spangles. Dustin must be giving these thing steroids!

It actually has Flowers!

I've had this in my tank four about 7months and bam! It's got little purple flowers! And I am constantly having to trim it. Love this plant.


Just got it and love it already. Great looking plant

Nice plant

Started rooting pretty quick in sand growing nice