"The Ladddyyy" (Pink Lady Bucephalandra.)

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This buce is a fun one for me....

This plant is dedicated to "The Lady"

For those of you not familiar with the story.  Here it is...

On the outskirts of town here in Lexington KY there is an old green house that sits at 7824 Old Richmond Rd.   A massive 180 foot long, 36 foot wide greenhouse that I intended to buy.  Fail .0 as it has been called in many a video.  Across from Fail.0 there lives a woman who will remain nameless.  Let's just call her the "LADDDYYY"

This woman bought her house 2 years after the original construction of Greenhouse FAIL.0.  But she wants it torn down. It was this woman who handed me a one inch thick binder about the problems with Greenhouse Fail.0 the day I tried to introduce myself while my offer was pending.

It was this woman, who led the charge with 11 other people from Old Richmond Rd who came to my conditional use hearing to battle me and my goals of expanding my business into this new location. 

And it was this LADDDYYY along with those 11 people who battled me to a 3 to 3 TIE VOTE on weather I was going to get the zoning I needed for this property.

A 3 to 3 tie...you see actual meant. I LOSE.

But I have to thank the LADDDYYY.  I actually didn't lose.  Nope. Despite crying in my greenhouse that night and filming it....click here)  

.... I actually WON.  

The greenhouse was on a road full of people who didn't want me there.  That greenhouse (Fail.0)  while huge, was actually incredibly poorly designed.....(It had zero vents and loud fans. Not to mention it wasn't remotely close to anything I wanted to be around)

The failing of that greenhouse, the Fail of FAIL.0 if you will, was actually the best thing to happen to me!   I type this from GH 2.0 Built EXACTLY how I want it.... Perfectly for growing plants.... Perfectly for growing out plants like this...

THE BUCE PINK LADY!   Here's to you "LADDDYYY" across from Fail.0   This buce is for you!



THE LADDYYY BUCE.  You are getting some BUCE PINK LADY sold PER LEAF. 

Look. I've had these plants since November. They have been GROWING UNDER WATER.  Are all of the leaves perfect NO. Big leaves are hard to regrow back... and typically you will see a new leaf sprouting.....keep the old "big ugly" ON the plant as they are still doing it some good unlike most stem plants.

A portion = 1 Leave is 3/4 to 1 inch long. 

This plant isn't for everyone. We don't ship trash... this stuff is trophy and if you want some, grab some because it won't last.

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Wonderful Buce! Nice healthy plant- wonderful reds!

This Buce is amazing. I figured, you know if it is half as good as the pictures it would be a great addition to my tanks. But wow, I was happily surprised when it showed up. Big healthy plant with rich reds!