Buce, "Mini Catherine"

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What's up Fishtank People,

What's up BUCE PEOPLE!?

Bucephalandra is named after Alexander the Great's Horse- Bucephalus, one of the most famous horses of antiquity. 

...you don't name a genus of plants after something that sweet without the plant being pretty awesome.

Buce, "Mini Catherine" lives up to the hype.  (Admittedly, I don't know who Catherine is or her height)  

This Bucephalandra isn't like other varieties of Buce. It has thinner leaves with a little wrinkle to them.  The center has a more pronounced vain to it.  They also have more wrinkle leaves.

Like most plant varieties, the more fancy looking you get, the harder they might be to keep. Buce "Mini Catherine"  is the same way. It requires a tad more care than other Buce.  It's not exactly difficult to keep, but just make sure it has some light available and water flow.

NOW- With that said, we run this plant FULL THROTTLE under a Metal Halide, and use passive CO2.   Under these conditions...it smiles at us every time we walk into the greenhouse. 

Buce can be ran in  "low tech setup" but we believe, that is certainly doesn't mind some fertilization.  We use our own "Growth Juice" Aquarium Plant Fertilizer DAILY on this stuff...and it thanks us for it.

LOOK- This stuff was wild collected, because of this, we are keeping half of what we received to farm in out in Greenhouse 2.0.  We have a limited quantity available at this time.

You will receive at least 12 half inch leaves on a small base.  We recommend you tie this Buce to a rock or piece of driftwood.   Put a note in the comment box of your order,

"Hey Josh- throw me some wire for my buce and we will include it at no charge"

Get some Buce "Mini Catherine" this stuff won't last!

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