Ammania Gracilis (Thick RED Aquarium Plant)

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Ammania Gracilis is a hardy red aquarium plant. It's leaves are more wavy than other red plants. It also has a relatively thicker stem. Ammania will like a hard cut once it is growing taller and can be replanted down in the substrate as a new plant.

NOTE as 10-27-21 these plants are about half way converted to fully pink- the tops are read but turn green half way down....but are well on the way and healthy. This is a strong plant underway with good roots

What we are selling comes in a nice clump, but I recommend that you spread this plant out. Separate each stem and give it about a half of an inch space or more from the next stem to let it have some room to grow in. I would also recommend that you add some iron to your tank if you are looking to get more out of your RED in the Ammania Gracilis

Lighting: Needs moderate lighting to stay alive. The more lighting the better it will look.

Difficulty: I would rate Ammania a 3.5 on my 1-10 scale. 1 being it could grow in a toilet and 10 being impossible. It requires good light much like Ludwigia or other red plants. Though it's a little more susceptible to melt due to a lack of light

Quantity: 6-7 stems

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Michelle Rushing

I was very please of the quality of my plant after receiving them. What a great addition to my tank.

Beautiful color

These plants look great, minus the several creases on the leaves which I assume happened in shipping. Despite this though, no leaves have died back! All of the stems I received have tons of roots. Can't wait for these to grow and fill out!

RL Ducksworth
Plants arrive in good shape.

Plants arrive in good shape.
Plants were healthy I am very satisfied.

Steve Goins
Great buy guys!!!

Alright everyone here it is! There guys sell ( for me so far anyway ) the best bunches of plants I have seen. That includes internet, shows or local fish shops. all of the plants I ordered came quickly, packaged well and in great condition. Not only is this all true but I ordered during a promotion and received an extra red plant bunch of Dustin's choice ( Thanks Guys!) but wait that's not all ( I said sounding cheesy ) I also received a couple extra bunches of the plants I ordered. I was in shock with how many plants I received for the money I paid. This was truly My best ever purchase of plants anywhere and I will be purchasing more from Dustin's in the near future. Loved them all guys Thanks!!

Jennifer Griffin

I recieved my plants quickly and loved each and every one but the red just made my tanks pop! with color. I will be placing another order soon. Very pleased with my plants and how healthy they are..