Crinum NATANS! (The Ultimate Monster Plant) SMALL ONLY

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AS OF 7/28 The plants look exactly like the first 7 photos!!!

Crinum Natans....

The Ultimate Aquarium Plant.  If I could have any job in the world, what would it be. 

Finding, retrieving and healing up plants like these.... It's the one on my T-shirts, It's the plant that over time has taken over my 220 gallon aquarium...

If Indiana Jones were an aquarium plant hunter, this would be the plant he would be going after.    Straight up, a tribe leader in Africa was paid for rights to collect these plants on his lands.

These are Crinum Natan.

These plants came in CUT way back.  Further back than I would have liked actually. (There is a balance of how many can you fit in the box, the more you fit the cheaper the shipping, and the more work for Dustin and crew)

We had these plants for 9 days now. (We got them in  This has been a great challenge for us.  A challenge and a labor of love I have been enjoying.   Growing out one of my favorite plants in my new Greenhouse 2.0 where i have the capacity to do so. 

To say I am happy with the results is an understatement.  You know how when you breed dogs they have the "Pick of the litter"  These 20 are the pick of the liter.  These are the 20 best plants I have hand selected.  

This is some of my best work.   These are some of my best plants. (Some with runners, some that are starting to flower.)  

AGAIN as of 6.3 You will receive one of the 20 skinny plant (the photo with 2 rows of 10 with the ruler under it)

To unsure the proper care of these babies we are ONLY Selling them in combination with our Growth Juice at this time.  These are wild collected plant.   They are now in extremely good health and we want to keep it that way.

We have Two options.

1.  The C. Natans Growth Juice Combo.

You will get ONE Hand picked Crinum Natans and a 500ml Bottle of our Growth Juice   ($39.95)


2. The Ultimate Crinum Natans Combo. 

One hand picked Crinum Natans, One 500 ml Bottle of Growth Juice and One 500m ML bottle of Iron for $49.95

YES- We will be selling them individually next week when more are grown out and up to our standards. They will be $29.95 each.


CRINUM CARE:  Crinum come from Africa. When you hear Africa think Cichlids and HARD WATER.  Now, you might not know if you have hard water, but these plants enjoy a higher mineral content.  This can easily be achieve by adding crushed coral, dolamite or aragonite to your aquarium.   (If you are social distancing like you should be, crushed egg shells!)

Don't over think the hard water.  Our Growth Juice and Iron will keep your plants healthy.  (How the heck do you think we have grown them out?)

LIGHTING:  We have found that the fastest way to grow these plants (and basically ANY Plants is with high light.  That said, I have been growing my MONSTER Crinum Natans for years under medium to low light aquarium that is 30 inches tall.... and my Crinum Natans is now about 60 inches tall.

SUBSTRATE:   We have tested this plant in dirt and in plain old pea gravel. It has done better in dirt. (Shocker) BUT is still growing in plain gravel. NOTE: MY Friend Bryan also has NEVER done a dirted aquarium and has a Crinum Natans that is second only to mine in my 220.


AGAIN- If you buy a LARGE Crinum you will receive one of the Large in the photo with 2 rows of 11 and the yellow tape measure.

   The stalks are between 3/4 of an inch or way more.  You will have some slightly brown edges, and brown in spots. This is just how the plant travels. THEY ARE HEALTHY. You are looking at the plants we are selling.

The bigger they get, the more they will cost. Grab one NOW.

Customer Reviews

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Ben Umbras
Small crinum natans

Ordered one of the individual small crinum natans and this ones not doing so hot. Came with no roots so decided to float in my outdoor pond here in FL and the thing smells like it might be rotted. Have ordered multiple plants from Dustin in the past and all have been phenomenal, unfortunately I don’t think this little one stands much of a chance, but still holding out hope for some new growth soon!

Ajorie Bailey
Natans order

They came in better condition than advertise. I cant wait to see how they grow!


Cold pack was slightly cold. Not sure if they will live yet. So just a tad early for a review. Rather let them grow, and then review.

Victoria Van Cleve
Ordered 1 got 2! Cant wait to watch these babies grow!

In typical Dustin fashion he surprised me again by going above and beyond for his customers. Ordered 1 baby Crinum and low and behold I got 2 🥰 They are babies but that was the deal on the sale and I knew what I was ordering. I love watching things grow, fish and plants. Watching these little monsters grow is going to be very satisfying 😌 I will try to update this later on in a month or so with progress pics.

Dan Nocon
Can’t wait for this monster to grow!

Arrived in great condition and came fast! Planted it in my tank and am impatiently waiting to see how big it gets! This is my second order from Dustins Fishtanks and both orders have been well worth it! My tiger Lily is in the background of the picture and is thriving!