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  • 1.Shop Questions
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee


    We are confident that our aquarium plants are the best you can buy online. If our plants aren't the best, we will give you 110% of your money back.


    That's right. If you don't think our plants are the best, simply return them within 5 days and we will give you 110% of your money back. Yes- you will make money on the deal.


    That's it. We have great aquarium plants and we will put our money where our mouth is.

  • Do you take Credit Cards? Do you take Pay-Pal?


    We now take Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

    You can use your credit card through our secured connection through We are an approved merchant with them.


    We started this site by taking Pay-Pal and will continue to do so if that makes you more comfortable. We would prefer you just use a normal credit card and not Pay-Pal if you can.  Pay-Pal has higher fees, but we are still fine with them.

    Either way....

    Thanks for shopping on Aquatic Jungles!

  • $25 Minimium Order Sale


    People have asked me to do a sale. I figured since my 220 is way over grown and I have a bit of a holiday coming up, that it is time to give thanks. We are having a Thanksgiving Sale on Aquatic Jungles and have ALREADY lowered the Minimum order to $25 on ANY ITEMS WE CARRY.


    The offer ends on 11-25-11.  Shipping is $5. (orders $25-$40)


    I have also lowered the shipping cost on standard $40 minimum orders to $7.  All orders will be shipped on Monday the 28th.  Let me know if you have question. Plant on People!

  • What is your Return Policy?


    We take great pride in shipping your order of plants out on time and with them arriving healthy for your tank.


    You have 12 days from the day you order to report a problem with your Plants.  We will replace plants that might have damaged beyond repair in shipping, however the plants must be show to us in a video or photo with in 12 days of your order.  We are not responsible for plants that you kill due to neglect.


    If you have fish that eat plants, we aren't responsible for if they eat them.


    If you tank set up, skills or abilities are unable to keep the plant alive, this is not our problem. We will do our best to guide you towards plants that will work best in your tank.


    We have each plants requirements in the plant details. Let us know if you have questions about any species of plant and we will be glad to help

  • How do I pay for my Aquarium Plants?


    We take all major Credit Cards and Debit Card through Pay Pal. We use Pay Pal Legacy which is the most secured and trusted forms of Credit Card Payment.  YOU WILL NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY FOR YOUR ORDER.  Pay Pal is just the service that processes your payment.

    If you are doing an especially large order or don't have a Credit Card, we do accept personal checks. Please contact us for more information on accepting checks.

    We would prefer you use a Credit Card for easier tracking on both our end and your records.

  • How soon after I order will I get my plants?


    How quickly you get your plants depends on three factors.

    1. What day of the week you ordered your plants.

    2. Where you live in the United States.

    3. What day we ship them out (Monday or Tuesday)

    We ship all of our orders out on either Monday or Tuesday of every week. The Aquarium Plants will get to you 2 to 3 days after that.

    Our cutoff for plant orders is at 5pm on Sunday nights.  We bag plants Sunday nights and try to ship them out on Monday.  The goal is to get them to your as soon as we can.

    Here are some examples by day of the week.

    If you order by Sunday at 5pm Eastern Standard Time: You will get your plants on Thursday or Friday of that week or in 4 to 5 days.

    If you order on a Monday: You will not get your plants untill that following Thursday or Friday of the following week.  So in this case you would have to wait 10 days.

    (You would wait T,W,TH,F,S,S,M,T,W and the plants would show up Thursday or Friday)

    If you order on Tuesday you would get your plants in 9 days.

    Wednesday, Get your plants in 8 days.

    Thursday, Get your plants in 7 days.

    Friday, Get your plants in 6 days.

    Saturday, Get your plants in 5 days.

    Sunday by 5pm EST, Get your plants in 4 days.

    Make Sense?

  • Aquarium Plant Packages


    Aquarium Plant Packages


    Want a great start on your planted tank? Get an Aquarium Plant Package from Aquatic Jungles.



    Not sure what kind of aquarium plants to get? Unsure of what species are hardy or which kinds of plants should go in the front of the tank and which ones should go in the back ground?  Don't worry. Aquatic Jungles has an Aquarium Plant Package for you and your tank.


    Over HALF of the aquarium plant orders we ship out are Aquarium Plant Packages. Yes, we call them "Killer Planted Combo's" but it's the same deal. Our aquarium plant packages are great.


    Sometimes knowing which aquarium plants you want can be a challenge, especially if you are just starting out in the planted tank hobby. Why risk getting something that you aren't sure will make it in your tank? Our Aquarium Plant Packages can get you off to a great start with plants that fit your skill level.
    I've found that my niche in this great hobby is helping beginners get into it. If you are a beginner you need to check out our Beginner Planted Combo Aquarium Plant Packages.  These Aquarium Plant Packages are designed to give you a nice mix of HARDY aquarium plants that will get you off to a nice start.  We have several different beginner plant aquarium packages to choose from.  If you are a rookie, get started with one of our Beginner Planted Combos.


    After you have your tank up and rolling along good for awhile, you have to check out some of our higher level Aquarium Plant Packages.  We work with you to make a combo to your liking. With our Standard Combos, on up to our highest level, "Golden Touch Combo" you get that next level of Aquarium Plant Package you are looking for.  Happy customers are loyal customers so we talk with you about your current tank setup and develope an amazing aquarium plant package to fit your tank and your goals.  These Aquarium Plant Packages are always top notch and are filled with the plants your are looking for or simply can't get. We also throw in plants that aren't even on the site.


    The bottom line is that Aquatic Jungles DOMINATES at making a great Aquarium Plant Package for you.  Call us or fill out the Contact Form to get your tank what it wants, get it a Killer Planted Combo from Aquatic Jungles

  • What kind of gravel/sand do you recommend capping with?


    What kind of gravel/sand do you recommend capping with? And I'm also a little worried about the gas pockets, and when I remove a plant I don't want all the dirt to come up with it.
    I like any gravel that is 1-3 mm in size.(4-5 mm will work though) The dirt coming up when you remove a plant is just part of the game. But you learn to do it slowly. On bigger plants I do it with a siphon running to get dirt that gets pulled up.

  • 1.Aquarium Plant Questions
  • Live Aquarium Plants For Sale


    Live Aquarium Plants

    Want a slice of nature in your home?  Try Live Aquarium Plants from Dustin's Fishtanks.  Live Aquarium Plants not only make your aquarium look great, they also are great for the fish too.


    Live Aquarium Plants help filter the fish waste and add oxygen to the tank. They also are home for tiny organisms that you can't see, but that fish love to eat.  Did I mention they look great too?


    I stock a large variety of Live Aquarium Plants, most of them are hardy aquarium plant species too.  Not all live aquarium plants have the same requirements so make sure to check out the detailed description of each plant.  If you aren't sure about a certain aquarium plant we have for sale, just use the comment box under the aquarium plant description and we will reply back with whatever kind of information you are looking for.


    Let Dustin's Fishtanks help your tank become a lush jungle with our Live Aquarium Plants For Sale.

  • Our Greenhouse


    I am proud of the place we keep all of our plants for your planted aquarium.  In the spring of 2012, while my wife was in a vegas at a bachelorette party, I started building the greenhouse that is now the home of Aquatic Jungles.

    From the start it was designed for one thing. GROWING AQUARIUM PLANTS.  I paid $3,000 bucks to have a 12x24 foot concrete slab laid down.  They guys who did it were great and got it done before my wife was home. (Our yard was still ripped up pretty good from the bulldozers, but atleast she could see where we were headed)  They put a massive drain smack in the middle of the floor with two drain pipes that shoot out into my yard. One of the drains actually flows into the roots of one of the luckiest maple trees ever. The tree is 4 years old and has grown at a fast pace with all the dirty tank water we are feeding it these days.

    The greenhouse was purchased from  and they were super helpful.  I'd love to tell you that the greenhouse was put together in a weekend. Ha Ha.  Anyone following my YouTube Channel, will know that it too ALL SUMMER.   Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my 12 X 24 greenhouse.  Building it was mega validating and a great "Man" project.  I have to give my buddy Steve a bunch of credit as he was a tremendous help.  I will say that the greenhouse was completed around September of 2012, started in April.  I probably could have put it together a little faster, but why rush it and make it stressful?  I also wanted to make sure it was done right, so I went slow and took my time, planning it out every step of the way.
    I never could have imagined that I would have a greenhouse full of both great aquarium plants (and some fish as well.)  It makes me happy to just go out there and chill in the mornings. The sun blasts its left wall all morning and both the fish and plants love it and look amazing.


    It is also a riot to have so many tanks that are made for only one species or separated out for different plants. If get something new in, I can throw a smaller tank up in no time and get it rolling for just that plant alone.   I have three 10 gallon aquariums that are each setup for their own moss. Currently I have Java Moss, Taiwan Moss and Flame Moss. I am still growing out the Taiwan Moss and Flame Moss before I put them up for sale on here.

    The greenhouse aquariums are as follows.   We have 3, 125 gallon tanks along the left wall when you walk in.  These get hit with a pretty substantial amount of light in the summer months as they are on the east wall.  When you walk in the door and look straight ahead you will see 4 75 gallon tanks.   All of these 7 tanks have sand on the bottom and our own special fertilizers to help feed your future plants at their roots. I mention this as I am known for how I keep my plants in a dirted aquarium, or using dirt under my gravel in my tanks.  While this will always be the case in my display tanks, we are simply too in and out of the tanks in the greenhouse. The combination of us constantly removing plants and the extreem amounts of light the tanks get resulted in significant amount of algae.  We tried it for awhile but you simply can't get a good balancing point in the tanks that you are constantly changing the bioload.  So today, (after a battle with Bryan to keep them dirted- which I lost)  we are now running pool filter sand along with our own root ferts in all of these main tanks.


    But you can't keep a dirted man down.  I have a few tanks that I still use dirt in.  One of these tanks is a 55 gallon which we call "The Jungle"  This tank is where I plant all of the more exotic aquarium plants that might require a bit more nutrients out the gate. The tank houses Crinum Natan, Red Tiger Lotus and a bunch of Crypts. It is also a great spot plant aquarium plants that come in that are under sized or are cuttings off of a larger plant that need a place to grow out.   I also have a 40 tall which i keep exclusively Baby Tears in.  While it is kind of a waste to keep such a low growing plant in such a tall tank, it certainly looks cool ;)  This video is the exact plant you will recieve.    I recently setup a 29 gallon as well which isn't dirted that houses nothing but Anubias (which, I will add, I always try to have a bunch of different species of Anubias in stock as it is Bryans favorite plant and he takes great care of it.)


    Speaking of taking great care of plants.  I am really proud to talk about just how we take care of our tanks out in the greenhouse.  Unlike a regular aquarium in your home, we are faced with different environment for growing and caring for aquatic plants.  For starters we are dealing with plants that come in straigh from Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  While they are clearly the leading supplier in North America, that doens't mean that some so so plants don't get sent out on occasion. We might get some aquarium plants that come in that aren't grown under water, they might die off a bit in our tanks (just as they would in your tanks)  We also might have an occasional bit of algae in a tank that comes in with a plant.   What we do about it is something special.




    Weekly water changes is a great rule for your tanks at home and I take a great deal of pride in sharing that we do this EVERY week.  If a tank gets really bad, we will simply take it down to nothing and start over, before putting any new aquarium plants into it.  Not sure you or your fish tanks feel after a big water change but imagine that feeling times 13 tanks!

    ( Incase you are counting, 125, 125, 125, 75, 75, 75, 75, 55, 40, 29, 10,10,10 for a total of 829 gallons, my goal is 1000 ;)


    We are excited to hook you up.

    Tank On!

  • What temperature do you keep your tanks at?


    No clue, probably around 75. Half don't even have heaters in them ;)

  • Do you allow the clay to harden or put it in soft?


    Put the clay in soft as it is. Do it quickly and place it at the base of the roots of the plants.

  • With the dirt tank, will I ever need to setup my DIY co2 system again?


    I wouldn't for a long time until the plants are established. Right now you have plenty of excess co2.  Give it like 3 months IMO

  • Can you keep live plants with LED lights?


    I have a 20 gallon with rock gravel(no dirt). Light provided by LED, can you keep live plants with LED lights? Lights are on about 12 hours a day.


    I would be more concerned about the lack of food that your plants have in an all gravel tank.  You'll need to be adding nutrients.

    I haven't yet used led lighting so I can't tell you from personal experience. I would use them with a 6500 spectrum. Do you know the spectrum?
    Does it have a pinkish look to it? White? You don't want blueish...

    Pink or white is good.

  • What kinda of plants can go with Goldfish in a Goldfish Planted tank?


    Ahh, the goldfish planted tank. I love the idea. The trick is to have tons of plant out of the gate, not all will survive but some are better than others. I'd do anubias for sure, lots of duckweed floating at the top, the goal is to get them eating duckweed and leaving others alone... People have done goldfish planted tanks with Amazon Swords, Jungle Val and Java Fern.

    You never know with goldfish though. You can certainly pull it off, I love goldfish, but understand their are risks.

  • What Kind of Dirt do I use?


    I use Miracle Grow organic choice dirt. It comes in a light orange bag that say "Organic Choice Potting Mix."

    Make sure to select a mix that does NOT have any fertilizers in it. Especially extra Nitrogen.

    Look to make sure the dirt doesn't have any tiny white balls in it as I have seen in some potting mixes. These balls release Nitrogen or just float up. Both of which are bad news.

    Here is a video of me dirting a tank in less than an hour and the exact dirt I use.

  • Can I grow Aquarium Plants without Dirt?


    YES- You can grow Aquarium Plants without dirt under your planted tank substrate.  People do it all the time. The biggest thing is that you are going to be constantly be feeding your plants.

    HOWEVER- With dirt under your substrate, your aquarium plants will have a constant supply of food. Plants eat nutrients primarily from their roots. So having a dirted tank feeds your plants right where they are hungry.

    I have lots of videos on how to dirt a planted tank in less than an hour. (click here)

    If you still don't want to dirt your planted tank. You should consider buying aquarium plants that don't require dirt in the substrate. We have plants like Anubia and Java Fern for sale that you can tie to a rock or piece of driftwood. No dirt needed.

    If you already have plants with roots but no dirt. You can pick up some Red Clay we have for sale.  You just need to ball it up and shove it down in the roots of your current plants.

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