1. Tristan's Ten
    March 3, 2012 @ 4:49 am

    I don’t have very much in my tank yet, but I have two cories. Don’t know much, but if I like to see some good activity, I’ll get the cories nice and hungry, only feeding the tank flakes for a while, then I’ll drop a nice hikari algae wafer in there. They om nom nom their hearts out ^^
    Only one teensy problemo of my own, I can’t get it to work lately, cuz my other two fish, a female swordtail and a neon blue dwarf gourami, are hogs, and like to keep it to themselves.
    So, here’s what I did- shatter the algae wafer when it is dry, and then tease the gourami by holding it for him, barely in the water, so he will get intrested. Then I another where the swordtail is, generally (not to close, she’s kinda skittish. :P) and then I put the rest in an area where I can see the cories good. It seems to work out fine for me, but then again- These four fish in a 10 are all I have. At the moment that is- I’m gonna upgrade, and get myhself some more java ferns, and especially anubias. (I looooooove anubias. But, I got the topfin kind that comes in tubes, and I tried putting it on a rock. It wouldn’t grow, but when I put it in the substrate directly, it started sprouting shoots like nuts.)
    I’m not old enough to order from you, dustin, but if you read this, could you tell me what I could find at petsmart/petco that would look awesome in my little ten gallon, or the 29 gallon I’m planning to upgrade to?

    • dwunderlich
      March 6, 2012 @ 12:23 am

      Good call on the cories. They do love bloodworms and well. Whatever you think looks good man. Don’t get crazy plants if you don’t have the setup. Go with the easy stuff…..try Rotala if you haven’t already.

  2. Brady
    April 20, 2012 @ 1:01 am

    We have a couple corys in with a 6 in pleco and about 8 other species including a pig of a ryukin – approx 18 fish in a 55 gal. The corys are always out and running laps – they are curious about everything. Our swimming pool filter sand (gentle on whiskers) is in three small patches up front and one in back along a submerged bubbler, the rest of the tank is small river gravel. There are a about 30 plants 3 drift wood pieces and some small clay pots. We use frozen food with the last bit still unbroken and sinkable, flakes, algae and bottom feeder tabs.

    Here’s how our feeding works. Shut off the filter and flake the top a lil, then while playing with the fish you can mostly thaw the multi-diet (avoiding brand names but think wizard of oz). Drop in the algae tabs to get the pleco fixated and then the bottom feeder tabs. The reason we leave the frozen food a lil chunky is to get the ryukin feeling full quickly. The frozen food drifts all over and the corys go looking for it after keying in on the bottom feeder tabs.

    move the fish up – get the piggies fed – drop the bottom feeder tabs – the corys will find the left overs from the frozen food over time. works for us

  3. Josh
    March 5, 2013 @ 9:24 am

    I went out and bought a cheap Led light that was to small for my tank and run it for a few hours before and after my main light. They seem to be more active at “dusk and dawn”. I have 10 Pygmy Cories and they seem to be the the worst when it come to hiding out during the day. When i added my Eyespot rasborars they school with the now. I think it’s because they are the same size and similar coloring. Love the videos by the way

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