Jungle Vallisneria

Jungle Val or Jungle Vallisneria is one of my top three favorite palnts of all time. Jungle Val is up there with the likes of Dwarf Sag and Ludwigia for me.  Jungle Val is one of the first plants I ever really got to take off and grow like crazy in a planted tank. When Jungle Val is given the right conditions, it will grow and spread runners like no other plant you have ever imagined. Jungle Vallisneria typically has little runners that form a new plant about one inch from the base of the main plant.  The more you cut the Jungle Vallisneria, the more it will grow and spread runners.  We typically have the narrow kind in stock and believe it is simply believe Jungle Val is a must have in any planted aquarium.  Click here to see our Jungle Val For Sale.

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