Crypts, cryptocoryne

Cryptocorynes or just plane Crypts.

There is an entire club devoted to just this type of aquarium plant alone. (Yes- all about ONE genus of aquarium plant)

I can only hope to do some of these great crypts some justice by keeping some great Crypt Species in stock for YOU!

Crypts come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

We try to stock three cryptocoryne species at all times but they do run out pretty quickly. Crypt Balansae is one that we typically have in stock.  We also have a nice supply of Crypt Spiralis most of the time (and we would recommend Crypt Spiralis first if you are just getting into Crypts…)  We have Crypt Blassii a great deal as well as Crypt Wendtii Green.

For me Crypts are special and I often buy a large mother plant of a certain species of Crypt that I don’t put up on the website. If you want some of these Crypts, place an order for an Aquarium Plant Package and mention that you would like a few of our Aquarium Plant Package only Crypts.

It is also worth mentioning that my absolutely favorite Crypt is Crypt usteriana which, is the plant I am licking in this photo. (how can you not lick a plant that is a bright green on one side and dark pink on the back?)

PLEASE NOTE: Crypts Melt- That is- Crypts have a tendency to lose all of their leaves when they are moved from one tank to another. This is NORMAL.  Crypts don’t like being moved, but will come back.

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