Fast Growing

Fast growing aquarium plants give you a feeling of accomplishment. They make you want to keep trying things in the hobby. We recommend fast growers for beginners so they can get momentum in their tanks and move on to more difficult plants after they have learned on the easier ones.

Some of the plants we recommend could actually become a pain once you are really good as they will grow over in to other plants and get your tidy aquascape covered in plants in places you didn’t want them.

The fastest growing plants are the ones that send off runners and can spread across your tank. Our fastest growing plants are Jungle Val, Dwarf Sag and Rotala. They grow at such a rate that we typically always have them in stock to pass on to you. All three species (Jungle Val, Dwarf Sag and Rotala) Send off runners and will be rewarding when given the chance to flourish in your balanced aquarium.  If for some reason you mess them up, they are typically pretty forgiving plants as well.  Check them out.

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