About Dustin

Dustin Wunderlich of “Dustin’s Fish Tanks” has been keeping aquariums since he was around 5 years old. He started out like most people with the standard goldfish bowl and then up to a 10 gallon aquarium. His father helped him in the early years and Dustin recalls how he used to have to hold the door open for his dad as he lugged the 10 gallon tank out to the garage to dump it and do a full 100% water change.

Growing up in Northwest Ohio, Dustin’s spent a great deal of time at his parent’s boat up on Lake Erie, constantly catching all kinds of fish from a young age.  This is also why Dustin is such a huge Cleveland Browns fan, as painful as that might be.

At the age of 14 Dustin really started getting into keeping fish on his own.  He started with the old 10 gallon and soon moved up to a “Huge” tank, a 29 gallon.  This tank would be the start of a term he coined, “Multi-tank-itis.”  Be for long he had another 10 gallon, a 15 gallon and a 5.   Dustin spent every penny he could earn from his paper route on fish and supplies for his tanks.  He spent so much time at the local Pet Supplies Plus that literally the day he turned 16 he had a job there. This only fueling his fish tank madness.

In college Dustin only went one quarter without keeping fish while he was traveling abroad to Germany.  It wasn’t long after he return that he setup his old 29 gallon again with Cichlids. This tank was left with some friends over the summer who soon acquired many aquariums of their own.  This wouldn’t be the first time Dustin got someone into fish tanks.

Today Dustin runs the LARGEST Aquarium YouTube Channel in the United States and the Largest Planted Tank YouTube channel on the Planet.  He channel, “Dustin’s Fish Tanks” has over 816 videos, 25,000 subscribers and 6 million views worldwide.  Every Sunday for the past 3 years he has done his trademark, “Species Sunday”  videos, where he talks about a certain aquarium plant or aquarium fish.


Dustin runs an online aquarium plants shop called Aquatic Jungles where he has a variety of hardy aquarium plants for sale.  He is also the author of the highly acclaimed, “Dustin’s Dirted Tank Guide” which breaks down his method of using Dirt in the substrate of his planted aquariums for incredible plant growth.

Dustin has been published in the Aquatic Gardeners quarterly publication and has attended every Aquatic Gardeners convention since 2008.  He maintains a greenhouse which he calls, “the Jungle” with over 1000 gallons of aquariums filled with plants for Aquatic Jungles.  Inside he maintains both a 220 and a 125 gallon planted aquarium.

When he isn’t messing with his tanks or making videos, he enjoys playing outside with his wife and young daughters.  He loves to both hike in the Red River Gorge and snowboard as often as he can.